The Techno India Group of educational institutions is growing into a global brand in the field of technology, originality, and education. By humble start in 1985, the Techno India Group has grown to include a number of organizations in well-being, media, entertainment, and submitting. The company aims to impart quality education to the earlier days of India and offers achieved a large horizon in this respect. It is the first of all private school in Kolkata, India, to invite eminent professors coming from renowned educational institutions, industry frontrunners, and other outstanding organizations.

The Techno India Group of establishments has expanded its educational portfolio when using the introduction of more than 100 knowledge campuses around India. Its range of offerings includes advanced schooling programs in Biomedical Anatomist, Computer Technology, Management Sciences, and News flash. It also has a thriving research system. The company’s in depth network of faculties and educational institutions has created a world-class environment for its learners. Its objective is to give high-quality education to as many people as possible.

The Techno India Group of study centers is renowned for its superb quality of education. It gives you an excellent environment for creativity and creativity. It has one of the highest faculty-to-student ratios near your vicinity, and this trains the near future leaders within the country. Additionally it is the 1st AICTE-accredited exclusive university in West Bengal. With these benefits, it is no surprise that the Techno India Group has been a arrollar of technical education in the area.